The Truth East Rand Shooting Club

What is the truth about Firearms and Firearm Ownership? Do guns kill people?

This topic is often discussed and can lead to quite a heated debate. The truth is that guns do not kill people. How can we be so bold as to say this?

A firearm, be it a handgun, shotgun or a rifle is an inanimate object. An inanimate object is defined as an object that does not have the qualities associated with active, living organisms or an item lacking the qualities or features of living beings. It lacks any sign of life or consciousness, appearing totally dead.

A Firearm is a tool. Nothing more - nothing less.

A firearm, like a hammer, or a teaspoon or a pencil is merely a device that has been created to fulfill a function. A firearm is no more capable of being accused of killing a person than a pencil can be accused of spelling mistakes. It is easy for anti gun lobbyists to scream “Ban the gun because it kills people”, but what about the huge amount of traffic accidents we have here in South Africa on an annual basis? How many deaths are caused as a result of this? By all rights the same rules should then be applied and we should be calling for the immediate ban of any and all vehicles.

As with any tool it comes down to how it is used. A Firearm in the hands of a legal and responsible citizen can achieve great things, be it for a recreational purpose or even if employed in a life saving situation. Any item placed in the hands of a criminal or someone with a total disregard of the law can be used for evil, this goes without saying. It is therefore the responsibility of the law abiding citizens to ensure that not all firearm owners are cast in the same light.

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? Yes? Why, is something on fire? Maybe not at this exact moment, but should a fire break out in your home you sure will be happy knowing you have a means to extinguish that threat and the means to ensure the lives of your loved ones, your wife or husband, children, mother or father is not lost due to inadequate preparation. The same goes for firearm ownership; a firearm that is responsibly concealed and carried (legally) on a daily basis for the purpose of self defense is no different in its use to that of a fire extinguisher. Should a threat present itself it is a means to “extinguish” that threat ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Again, it is a tool, nothing more, nothing less.

You prepare for emergencies don't you? Get the right tools for the right emergency; get the skills required to use those tools safely and efficiently to ensure that you can save the lives of those you love the most.