About East Rand Shooting Club

The East Rand Shooting Club is a Group of free individuals that encourage the legal and safe use of firearms.

The members actively seek to encourage law abiding citizens to become better armed in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

In South Africa, we face the daily prospect of being a victim of crime. Vigilance and a winning mindset can offset these risks to a large degree. When a large part of a community carries firearms, crime goes down. Individuals can make a difference, but when whole communities get involved, the results can be staggering.

Countries like the UK and Australia have seen huge increases in violent crime after banning handguns, and yet in the United States, Murder has dropped by 47 percent over the past 20 years whilst firearm ownership has reached an all time high.

The Founding members of the East Rand Shooting Club have taken it upon themselves to educate their fellow community members about firearms and to dispel all the myths and lies anti-gun lobbyists tell the public.

It must be made known from the outset, that the East Rand Shooting Club strongly believe that the promotion of firearm ownership, is one of the key points required to creating the wonderful society our hardworking and law abiding communities deserve.

A prerequisite of membership is to vow that no member will ever break any of the laws of our country.

If you believe in the right to protect yourself and your family, and want to change the community and country for the better, then please feel free to contact us to ask questions or find out when next we will be at the shooting range for a small talk on firearm ownership.

NOTE: If you are not local and are not able to participate in the monthly ERSC shoots then membership is not recommended as you will not benefit from this membership in the least. It is our Clubs firm and primary belief in growing your skill set by means of participation, we are not simply an organization which should be joined to simply "aid" in license motivations by adding a membership certificate to the application. Please understand this.