How Can We Help You?

  • The ERSC is FULLY ACCREDITED with the South African Police Service as a Sport Shooting Association, enabling us to legally offer Motivation Endorsements (for members), Dedicated Status (should you wish to apply for a Section 16 firearm license) and much more. We are also a registered Firearm & Ammunition dealer.
  • We provide STRUCTURED monthly shoots for Handgun, Rifle & Shotgun. Focussing on building and teaching new skill sets. We are not the organization to join if you are simply looking for a certificate to supply with a firearm license application. At the ERSC you WILL learn how to properly "run your gun".
  • Unit Standard Proficiency training for SAPS issued Competency Certificates through our trusted training provider
  • In house Additional training in the way of non unit standard firearms training (Fundamentals, Correct Manipulation etc.)
  • Non lethal Self Defense training with the assistance of Pepper Spray
  • Firearm Sales
  • Assistance with Deceased Estate firearms OR unwanted firearms
  • Accessories (special items can be ordered as requested)
  • Licensing Assistance / Relicensing / Complete Motivations / Appeals (The ERSC can proudly boast a 99% application success rate for firearms applied for with OUR motivations.)
  • We offer Free General Advice for anything Firearms related
We are able to assist you with any of your firearms / personal defense / sport shooting needs.